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#037: Be your own guru

#037: Be your own guru
Emailed: May 8th, 2024

Who's your guru?

If the answer isn’t… “duuh… I’m my own guru”, it's time we reintroduce ourselves.

Grounded 1002 promotes an #intuitivelifestyle, so YOU can be your own authority, leader, advocate, guru… whatever you want to call it.  We’re on a mission to help you be the best version of yourself. 

So, how do we do this? I mean… it’s a brand that sells beautiful smelling Palo Santo sticks and beauty enhancing guasha stones, right? Well… yes…


  1. We design educational lifestyle content to inspire you.
  2. We create experiences like concerts, workshops, and offer 1:1 conversations for those seeking deeper exploration. 
  3. We sell luxury wellbeing tools in our online store crafted to foster self-discovery. 

Our CEO's tagline is take what you want, and leave the rest.

The company tagline is #getcurious...

So, if there is one thing you watch today, it is our latest YouTube video. We’re so excited to share it. It tells a story about our brand, intertwined with Neeta’s personal revelation on Guasha’s role in intuition enhancement… or vice versa. It is a great video... our best yet.

By subscribing to our YouTube channel and leaving a comment under our latest video, you have a chance to win tickets to the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival taking place at the iconic Kensington Olympia from May 24th – May 27th. 

Peace, and #rockwithcare.

I began my journey with guasha techniques in 2013. As a former HR executive, I've observed a diminished emphasis on intuition in decision making processes, largely influenced by the shift towards data driven approaches. This realization was one of the reasons to create a brand advocating for an #intuitivelifestyle. I stumbled upon this medicinal healing technique out of both curiosity and necessity, following an incident that left me with facial injuries, chronic pain, brain fog, and emotional residue.  

Surprisingly, my guasha journey has contributed to strengthening my intuition, resulting in making better choices, trusting myself more, thinking outside the box, fearlessly being authentic, and overall boosting my wellness. I've outlined these 5 benefits in a framework describing the benefits of an intuitive lifestyle.

In this video, we share how the guasha technique strengthens intuition and incorporate a personal story. Hope this inspires you to #rockwithcare.

- Neeta


Get Grounded with earthy Taurus   

Connect with Taurus characteristics during the New Moon on May 7th/8th.

Explore your relationship with Taurus qualities like reliability, practicality, and determination, while thinking through how you view stability and routine. Explore your awereness about your senses, with sensuality being a valued trait of Taurus and consider how to balance things like stubbornness, possessiveness, or inflexibility. Grounded 1002 encourages introspection on star sign characteristics for personal growth and self-awareness. 

Enjoy the cosmic power of the Taurus New Moon and connect with your inner self.

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