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A recap of #rockwithcare : A Sound Therapy Concert

A recap of #rockwithcare : A Sound Therapy Concert
Emailed:  October 14th, 2022
On Sunday October 2nd, to kick off our official launch as a brand, we hosted our first experience, #rockwithcare - a sound therapy concert. 

The mission of Grounded 1002 is to be a gateway for people being a better version of themselves. 

And...a gateway this show was. With 4 styles of sound presented by 12 musicians coupled with upscale light and sounds, it was the perfect way for 60 attendees to get out of their comfort zone. Most had no idea what to expect. Klueless Magazine interviewed a few people and here are some reactions on Instagram (no captions - sorry) and on TikTok (with captions).

This first experience was meant to offer a snippet of how different styles of sound can impact us. The evening included mantra music, handpan, acoustic sounds, and opera. Our goal was that at least one style of sound offered something additive for each person in the room. If so, the choice to explore further is there. If interested, we're happy to make recommendations of longer sessions of each style of sound. Whether it is a 1 hour sound healing session with handpan and bowls, a 2.5 hour kirtan full of mantra, an opera experience or a conscious music concert. Just DM us (and share your reccos with us). If you missed the show, you can watch a 4-minute version right here.
Neeta Sharma, founder of Grounded 1002 (& birthday girl on the day) spoke half way through the event… she curated the event so there was no talking until the
halfway point of the show. Here is what she had to say.
If you're curious, we created a Spotify playlist that mirrors the evening. What's missing, however, are the vibrations coming from the instruments, vocals, and the crowd.
The tagline of Grounded 1002 is to #getcurious. We have some fun experiences planned for 2023 - and, only one of them is a concert. Cant wait to share more soon.

(keep reading if you want to learn more about the event : the artists / behind the scenes / the crowd)


Seeman Ho played handpan, introducing us to 2 arrangements she created ; with one of them created specifically for the #rockwithcare concert. The handpan plays at 432 hz frequency which is known to be extremely relaxing. Although, it is a relatively new instrument, the handpan is based on the physical properties of instruments used in many different cultures for several years. The crowd definitely looked zen while she played. 

Radhika Das came with a crew of 7 musicians including acoustic guitar, bass, mrdanga, piano, saxophone, and 3 vocalists.  What an experience it was. He led us through 3 mantras over the 2.5 hour night - starting with a meditative mantra and ending with the crowd dancing their hearts out. Someone compared the final 2 mantras to being at a rave - but there was no intoxication involved. Only pure joy from the heart unleashed. Normally, a kirtan (mantra concert) builds continuously (like how a good DJ does).  We chose to break up the experience at #rockwithcare, because this concert was meant to be a gateway to different types of music for the soul. It is an unreal experience when kirtan is experienced continuously. Radhika is actually playing his 2nd solo concert tomorrow (Sat Oct 15th), Heartland at Triyoga Chelsea. If you enjoyed what you heard at our show or our playlist, we highly recommend you join this event. It will be another level - like... you will feel the roof will want to blow off with the energy 250 others.

Street Theatre UK is a very fun business to know about - they've been featured on all sorts of television news channels. They offer a variety of short musical experiences across London - everything from carolling to Disney music. We had seen one of their artists, Kathleen, earlier in the year and knew she needed to be part of #rockwithcare. Her performance of O mio babbino caro had all sorts of emotions being felt by our audience ; 60 people in pure awe. A few people left saying they didn’t 'get opera' until they heard this performance. Mission accomplished!

Tabla Tom is a man of many talents. Although, he was the sound engineer of the evening (the most important part of any concert experience), he also teaches Kirtan and teaches how to play instruments. We made an impromptu decision for him to sing a Durga mantra as the last song of the night. His voice is captivating - even with no rehearsal, the mantra provided a 10/10 experience in offering gratitude to the divine feminine.

Keli Woods (& birthday boy on the day) is a former monk, and extremely talented musician. He dabbles in several styles of music - collaborating with everyone from rappers to kirtan singers - all conscious, of course. He plays several instruments too. Next week, he is touring in North America with Grammy nominee, Jahnavi Harrison. Keep an eye out for him. 


Everyone commented on the delicious snacks. The vegan samosas + gluten free brownies made with love by Rena Patel, holistic chef. 

Treasure Tipees brought the warmth in the East London church with rugs, cushions, decor, and candles. Usually decorating kids parties, they built up St. Ethelburga's very beautifully.

Author, Integrated Health Expert, Chef, and Entrepreneur, Mira Manek closed the evening. She is a friend of Grounded 1002 and several of the musicians who performed. PS: If you haven’t had her chai yet, what are you waiting for? Available to buy or across several cafes in London.

Giselle Palou, Founder of Klueless Magazine photographed the event in the midst of Fashion Week(s). We owe you. Check out the online magazine for music and fashion. Coming from Mallorca, she combines the world of fashion, music, the streets, and spirituality into a unique way.

 thank YOU for being curious


Grounded 1002 promotes an #intuitivelifestyle, we curate experiences, and we have an online store. Our tagline is #getcurious.  Our mission is to be a gateway for people being a better version of themselves - through our products, experiences, or what we share online.