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#015: Celebrating International Yoga Day

Emailed: June 21

Happy International Yoga Day!

At Grounded 1002, we're passionate about yoga and all of its benefits for mind, body, and soul. 

Did you know that yoga sequences are designed to massage your organs through twists and bends? Organ health is such an important thing. The intuitive practices of yoga and Qigong are excellent choice for overall wellness even after 1000s of years of practice. 

Being a brand that promotes an #intuitivelifestyle, we are excited to offer 10% off our wellness products until July 4th. 

Our #stixandstones Palo Santo and #rockwithcare stone are perfect for enhancing your yoga practice and overall wellness.

Our customers rave about how these tools decrease anxiety, move energy, and calm the nervous system - 5 star reviews across the board


Not sure how to use your #rockwithcare tool? Our newsletter archives are full of tips and tricks!

Grounded 1002 promotes an #intuitivelifestyle, creates experiences, and is a store. Our mission is to be a gateway for people being a better version of themselves. We believe the #essentialelement is to #rockwithcare. After all, we know that the nursery rhyme #stixandstones wasn’t entirely true. Every product and experience we offer is meant to be additive – whether used just once or on a daily basis.