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#026: It's been 2 years of Grounded 1002

#026: It's been 2 years of Grounded 1002
Emailed: November 26th, 2023

Founder's Note

Greetings :-)

This October marked the official 2 years of fun for Grounded 1002.

This March, we're hosting the #essentialelements Retreat. It is situated in the energy between a Mayan ruin, the ocean, a biosphere, fire pits, and the first full moon of the energetic year.

4-nights of #intuitivelifestyle via somatic and vacation experiences.

Get $400 USD off until Monday - part of our Black Friday sale - everything is discounted.

Full moon in Gemini tomorrow. See below for what that means.

Sending much love,

Neeta Sharma



Food For Thought: Our favourite YouTube videos

Follow along: Discover the power of self-care with a 3-minute full body guasha routine.

These routines are for men/women of all ages (except those who are pregnant or on blood-thinners). 

Click the image above to watch! 

Sitting is the new smoking.

Say good-bye to sitting related health problems with abdominal guasha.

Click the image above to watch! 

Tomorrow's Full Moon in Gemini.

Feel the duality of life.

Gemini rules several things including communication, intellect, curiosity, and adaptability.

Embody having opposing emotions. They are feelings - a simple point of view. Not facts.

Under the influence of this lunar event and its association with Mercury, the celestial messenger, the emphasis on exchanging ideas and perspectives heightens, inviting us to delve into the intricate tapestry of emotions and diverse points of view.

Get curious. 

Grounded 1002 promotes an #intuitivelifestyle, creates experiences, and is a store. Our mission is to be a gateway for people being a better version of themselves. We believe the #essentialelement is to #rockwithcare. After all, we know that the nursery rhyme #stixandstones wasn’t entirely true. Every product and experience we offer is meant to be additive – whether used just once or on a daily basis.