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#rockwithcare Experiences - 2021 / 2022 / 2023

#rockwithcare - it's not just a stone, it's also a lifestyle.
At least once a year, we make the commitment to serve our community in an experience where we rock with care enjoying conscious high vibrational music.
In alphabetical order, we've been honoured to collaborate with beautiful creators including:  Garry's Gong Baths,  Keli Woods, Londrelle, Luciana, Radhika Das & Friends, Street Theatre UK, Seeman Ho, Tabla Tom, Tia Harris
If you are interested in being part of a future event, please email us at  Simply tell us how you #rockwithcare and we'll be in touch.
2021, Monty's W11
- Stereo Sound

Listen to the 2021 stereo sound playlist here.

A DJ playing music.
2022, St. Ethelburgas, East London
- Sound Therapy: acoustics, handpan, mantra, opera
Listen to the show playlist here.
Read about the show here.


2023, St. Ethelburgas, East London

- Londrelle - Live & Unplugged

Read about the show here.