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#rockwithcare, a sound therapy experience

#rockwithcare, a sound therapy experience
Begin Q4 with an immersive sound therapy experience like no other.  Incorporating 4 styles of music, this is the perfect way to guide your body into vibrational alignment.

Tickets Available Here  - (early bird available until September 25th) and / or use discount code " rockwithcare " for an extra 10.02 GBP discount.

Through sound vibrations from an array of instruments and vocals, prepare to engage your senses, chakras, and body in an energetic yet restorative way.
Movement and chanting are encouraged. Equally, meditating and being still is also welcome.  Do what you need to #rockwithcare – to take your  mind, body, and soul to the next level. 
With one of the top sound engineers in the wellness space managing 4 styles of music, expect highest quality sounds in a venue already known for beautiful acoustics. 
“It is our birthright to be joyful” – Radhika Das 


Artists for the night include...

  • Keli Woods, Composer / Creator / Ex-monk
  • Radhika Das & Friends, Mantra, Meditation, Bhakti Yoga
  • Seeman Ho, Hand Drum Artist
  • ... and more!
  • If you join, be prepared to think "what just happened?" as you leave.  #iykyk
If it is your first time participating in a sound healing event ; bringing a partner, friends, or family is completely optional.  


Location :

Described by many as a real oasis of calm & tranquillity amidst the city, St. Ethelburga’s is one of the few surviving medieval City Churches in London.  Many were destroyed during the Great Fire of London in 1666 or the Second World War.  Although the church was rebuilt around 1411, much of the original fabric remains.

Located an 8 minute walk from Liverpool Station in East London, the grit of this church even shows as the bell tower was added in 1775 – and survived the 1993 bombs in London.

This will be an intimate event limited to 100 attendees.

Why October 2nd, 2022?

Start Q4 with benefits of sound healing - especially as this show is 1 week before the (Hunter) full moon.

October 2nd marks the second day of Durga Puja ; Durga is considered as the feminine epitome of strength.   We selected the venue given the beautiful story of St. Ethelburgas ... She was characterised by courageous action in the face of devastation. Ethelburga was a fearless and selfless leader. 

 Lastly, we are celebrating the birthday of Keli Woods (composer / creator / ex-monk / an old soul <-- this track is so fun!) and Neeta Sharma (Founder of Grounded 1002).

Other Info :

Doors Open at 6:30 pm 

Showtime:  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

What to Wear :  Athleisure to Black-tie – whatever you prefer. We recommend it is something you can sit comfortably in but also dance wildly in.  Note shoes are to be taken off in the concert hall.

Cost:  48.50 GBP per person.  Early bird tickets until September 25th for 10.02 GBP off.  

Get Tickets Here .





Good to meet you on Sat at the Life Centre. Coul I please buy a stone…if you go there I could pick it up from there as am close by? Thanks Amanda

Mitsu Bhatia

Hey met up with Ms Neeta at the kirtan @ Omnom yesterday along with my friend Andrew. Would appreciate if you could kindly send us the 2 tickets for the Sunday bday bash. 🙏🥰🥰

Jason Benton

Hi, I was encouraged to come along this Sunday by a new found friend Jamie Jean. If it is at all possible and I understand it’s a big ask but can an announce to express my thanks & gratitude for Jamie to the audience be made? This I know would bring her some joyful recognition. As a single mum she continues to work tirelessly helping people like myself through different and challenging times in their life using meditation, healing and hypnotherapy. Jamie Jean is my inspiration and I’m eternally grateful to have met her.
Thanks you for your time & peace be with you

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