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Welcome to our dictionary.

Grounded 1002 regularly uses certain words and/or terms.

We have listed them alphabetically to offer our POV on the meaning behind the word and/or term.

If you want to see a word on this page, let us know.


If one actively uses all their senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, sound) when doing anything, they are being conscious. 


Unconscious:  One can light a stick of Palo Santo not paying attention to the ritual.  That is unconscious. 

Conscious:  One can light a stick of Palo Santo but use their fingers to touch the wood. One can appreciate the heat from the fire while watching each fibre burn. When the smoke appears, one can watch how the smoke moves the air around it.  This might take 10 seconds longer, but teaches mindfulness and presence.  

Full Moon

A full moon occurs when the side of the moon facing Earth is fully illuminated by the sun. This happens approximately every 28 days. Full moons are known for thier bright and beautiful appearance.

At Grounded 1002, we use full moons as a time to work hard on ourselves, our goals, and our development. We believe the spotlight is here to amplify our energy and efforts.

We are a #cosmicpowered brand, and move with the signals from the universe.

New Moon

A new moon occurs when the moon is located directly between the Earth and the Sun and is not visible from Earth.

It appears dark in the sky.

New moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle.

At Grounded 1002, we use new moons as the time for reflection. To us, the darkness represents the time to go inward and think.

We are a #cosmicpowered brand, and move with the signals from the universe.


Lifestyle Be kind to yourself and others.

Experiences We rock with care at our musical shows where all attendees will leave as a better version of themselves.

Tool Our guasha stone is a rock with care. Use it all over your body to tune in.

#getcurious We promote an #intuitivelifestyle


Grounded 1002 Lifestyle