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#3: The final new moon of 2022 comes with the perfect playlist, a #rockwithcare pro-tip, and some #foodforthought

Today, December 23rd marks the final new moon of 2022. With no visible moonlight in our atmosphere, we are subtly encouraged to slow down during some part of our next 72 hours. Our latest Spotify playlist is a lovely match for yin activities like stretching, yoga, while taking a bath, journaling,  drawing, walking in nature, or just moving your body. This is a reminder to not forget about yourself today. Restorative activities are productive at this time for wellbeing. For the new moon, we've launched the perfect Spotify playlist called #stixandstones.  Let us know what you think.

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#1 : About Grounded 1002: Lifestyle, Experiences, and Store

At Grounded 1002, our mission is to be a gateway for people becoming a better version of themselves. Let's get the basics out of the way. Who are we? There are three separate streams that converge to make Grounded 1002 what it is. (1) We represent and promote an intuitive lifestyle ; a dynamic life led by curiosity and supported by constant learning. (2) We revel in creating experiences; both collective ones through in-person events ; as well as personal ones we encourage through education. We want you to #getcurious and carve out more time for your wellness – both with others and alone. (3) We are a store – mostly online, but we will host popups too! We offer the tools you need to better...

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#2: A recap of #rockwithcare : A Sound Therapy Concert

We hosted our first event on October 2nd, 2022 in East London.  It was called #rockwithcare : a soundtherapy experience.  The purpose was to bring 4 styles of sound to the audience ; opera, mantra music, conscious acoustics, and handpan.  Each one served a different purpose.  With 60 attendees, no one knew what to expect... but everyone was curious.  Take a read if you want an idea of what we do.  We'll have more events in 2023 - just one will be a concert.  We hope you join us.  #getcurious and #rockwithcare.

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