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#039: Engage with your shoulders, arms, and hands

#039: Engage with your shoulders, arms, and hands

Emailed: June 6th, 2024

Happy new moon.

Stagnation is the cause of disease – whether it is in the mind, body, or soul. 

This message was repeated by our team throughout May. Whether at our Mind Body Spirit pop up store, at workshops, while showing the community how to use our tools, or while shooting our latest content which is now available on YouTube.

It is an important message... just a reminder to think about what this means to you.


It is time.

Be your own guru.

May was truly a beautiful month because we got to meet with so many of you. We exchanged so much knowledge, energy, and created memorable moments. There were so many learnings for us, including that we truly love serving communities.

Thanks for visiting us at the Mind Body Spirit Festival! 

As a thank you, today we prelaunch our latest product for a steal.

Our #cosmicpowered coaching cards connect you to your intuition and serve as the ultimate system to level up your mind, body, and soul.

Feel It To Heal It

Have you checked out the recording of our latest workshop called Feel it to Heal it? 

If not, you can do so here

#cosmicpowered Coaching Cards (3-pack)

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The ultimate system to level up your mind, body, and soul - so you could be the best version of yourself.  #getcurious

Monthly YouTube videos accompany each card - watch one of our cosmicpowered coaching card videos to see how these cards could help you.

Book a 15-minute complimentary conversation (limited to 1 per person) when you purchase a card.  We’d love to offer one tip specific to you that will ‘move the needle’ in your life.  We offer these conversations to help you #holdavibe. 

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