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10 02 birthdays

Who are your birth date twins?
The list is endless . . . 
This is the tiniest sample in chronological order of people born on Oct 2nd.
Share with the 10 02's  in your life.


julius von sachs - A german botanist.  In the picture, he is holding a pine comb almost at eye level in his right hand.  He looks considered.

1832: Julius von Saches, a German botanist considered to be the founder of experimental plant physiology.

(Photo source:  Twitter)

1839: Hans Thoma, German Painter who painted many incredible paintings, especially about the moon and the divine feminine.
(Photo source:  wikimedia commons)


Gandhi dressed in a full business suit with a full head of hair and huge mustache.  Likely after he got his law degree.

1869: Mohandas Gandhi, Indian Lawyer - anti-colonialist - political ethicist

(Photo source:  The Economist)

1904: Graham Greene, Award winning, English Novelist

(Photo Source: The Washington Post)


1925: Clay Felker, American magazine editor - journalist

- co founded New York magazine

(Photo Source:  SSQQ)


A youthful Donna Karen likely in the 1970's likely early designer career.

1948: Donna Karan, American fashion designer - CEO - Chairwoman - Founder of lifestyle brand, Urban Zen
(Photo Source:  crf Fashion Book)


a recent picture of American portrait photographer, Annie L standing in front of an image she took of the Queen of England, dressed in a yellow gown.

1949: Annie Leibovitz, American Portrait Photographer
(Photo Source:  Deutsche Welle -DW)

1951: Sting, English musician, songwriter - singer -  actor - former teacher
(Photo Source: Morrison Hotel Gallery)


1956: Freddie Jackson, American singer
(Photo source:
1983: Huda Kattan, Iraqui-American makeup artist - beauty blogger - entrepreneur 
(Photo source: New York Times)
Camilla Belle close up picture of her face and torso.  She is wearing an elegant and stylish green dress.
1986: Camilla Belle, American Brazilian actor, director, producer.
(Photo source:  Wikipedia)


A casual picture of Sezan Hedrix walking wearing a black dress - shot by Getty Images

1989:  Sezan Hendrix, American Kurdish fashion blogger, stylist, tv and podcast host.
(Photo source:  getty images)