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Behind Grounded 1002

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About Me

Neeta Sharma - Born 1981 (Libra)

Birth Place:  Toronto, ON

Place of Residence:  London, UK (since 2015)

Professional Career

  • 14 years with Fortune 500 companies.
  • 6 years with tech start-ups.
  • Described as a dedicated, resourceful and hardworking professional who cares about making an impact.

Random Stuff

Since age 5, every year my parents saved so we (as a family) could attend a 1 week yoga/meditation camp.   

I love retail: I started off working in an ice cream store and spent almost 10 years at a record store.

My side-hustle: In my 20’s, I arranged a speed dating event which transformed into wedding planning (over 100 weddings).  I love producing events. 

I’ve had 2 significant physical traumas; these were a catalyst in me starting Grounded 1002

Quick-fire Q&A courtesy of WordUp Communications:

Q: Neeta, what made you create this brand?

I love building businesses – everything from the vision to the operations.  I’m a passionate lifelong learner. I  want to share things I really respect and believe in, which is why I created Grounded 1002.  

Q: Favorite companies you’ve worked for/with?

CPPIB, CIBC, BCG, and Instanda.  Although I prefer smaller work environments, the large companies offer fantastic foundational skills through the formal L&D programs.  Having access to training and mentors is definitely a benefit I really value.  

Q: What was your favorite ever job?

Assistant Manager of Sunrise Records store in Toronto… a long time ago :) 

Q: What are your favourite activities?

- being mom 

- learning from people who are kind enough to share their stories 

- concerts, stand up comedy, and listening to different styles of DJ’s.  

Q: What’s your happy place?

At Kirtan – any style.  I enjoy how much this practice offers.