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#024: Embodying Life's Lessons

#024: Embodying Life's Lessons
Emailed: November 5th, 2023
Founder's Note: 

I hope this letter finds you well. Last month was an important one - given it was eclipse season, something which occurs about every 6 months.

While eclipses are not seen as a time for manifestation, they hold great significance in helping us embody life's lessons. The key concept here is "embodiment" - a concept that involves integrating lessons and achievements into the mind, body, and soul.

Somatic and spiritual leaders emphasise the idea that we are human "beings" - not human "doings." Embodiment leads to authenticity.

During eclipse season, whether we consciously reflect or not, the astronomical energy IS trying to upgrade our software. It is up to us whether we accept the upgrade or not.

On Saturday, October 28th, the full moon coincided with a powerful lunar eclipse, offering the opportunity for growth and self-reflection. Being aware of these celestial events can help in flowing through them effortlessly.

Integrating the mind, body, and soul during eclipse season pays dividends - in the form that lessons are learnt and (hopefully) not repeated. Added bonus - you feel powerful for getting yourself sorted.

Grounded 1002's infographic on mind body and soul wellness. includes the company tagline #intuitivelifestyle

5 key things happen when we embody life lessons and achievements:

1. By fully immersing ourselves in life lessons, we move beyond mere theory and integrate knowledge on a deeper level.

2. Embodying lessons enables us to bring authentic and lasting behavioural changes.

3. Through embodiment, we open ourselves up to true personal growth.

4. Embodiment equips us with enhanced problem-solving abilities and access to our innate wisdom.

5. Ultimately, embodiment brings peace to our nervous system, allowing us to naturally share our wisdom and become conduits for positive change. 

a man using Grounded 1002's copper body tool called #essentialelement

At Grounded 1002, we are a gateway for people being a better version of themselves. Being a #cosmicpowered brand, we commit to sharing important celestial events. The goal is to cultivate a community of curiosity, where each person is encouraged to explore their own passions and interests.

Grounded 1002 is a brand embraced by many hashtags. Each hashtag represents an opportunity for embodiment - a chance to connect with a productan experience, and/or a lifestyle that resonates with your individual journey.

Thank you for being a part of our community. We hope to inspire you to explore your own authentic path to self-discovery.



grounded 1002's tagline #getcurious written in cursive black font.

Grounded 1002 promotes an #intuitivelifestyle, creates experiences, and is a store. Our mission is to be a gateway for people being a better version of themselves. We believe the #essentialelement is to #rockwithcare. After all, we know that the nursery rhyme #stixandstones wasn’t entirely true. Every product and experience we offer is meant to be additive – whether used just once or on a daily basis.