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About Grounded 1002: Lifestyle, Experiences, and Store

About Grounded 1002: Lifestyle, Experiences, and Store
Emailed:  October 2nd, 2022
At Grounded 1002, our mission is to be a gateway for people becoming a better version of themselves.
Let's get the basics out of the way. Who are we?
There are three separate streams that converge to make Grounded 1002 what it is.
(1) We represent and promote an intuitive lifestyle ; a dynamic life led by curiosity and supported by constant learning.
(2) We revel in creating experiences; both collective ones through in-person events ; as well as personal ones we encourage through education. We want you to #getcurious and carve out more time for your wellness – both with others and alone.
(3) We are a store – mostly online, but we will host popups too! We offer the tools you need to better yourself through conscious engagement.
If you are curious, let’s dive deeper.

We promote an intuitive lifestyle.

Our lifestyle motto is to #rockwithcare. While this might be the name of our first product, it also means to apply care in the little and big things we do in all aspects of our lives - our goal is for this to be the norm for everyone. It also is a nod to how important sound is to us ; hence our first concert being called #rockwithcare.

At Grounded 1002, we are also centered around education and knowledge. We don’t popularize just anything; we are the promoters of lifestyle choices that are grounded in ancient civilizations brought to life by the magic of today’s science and information.

As our founder Neeta Sharma so often says, you don’t need to engage with things that do not resonate with you. "Take what you want, and leave the rest."





At Grounded 1002, we revel in creating experiences.

Just as much as anything else, Grounded 1002 is an events company. We encapsulate the 10+ years of experience our founder has in creating events to encourage mindfulness, play and curiosity - coupled with the elements and senses... to promote an #intuitivelifestyle.

Our official launch day, 10/02/2022, is centered around our first in-person event: the #soundtherapy concert.  And, yes, our concert series is called #rockwithcare, too. Although rock music may sometimes be involved, our main goal is to be in presence with music accompanied with some “rocking” -- whether that simply be head bopping or full on dancing.

Events are at the heart of what we do. You can expect event topics that are aligned with building a better you – in London and beyond ; including events produced with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda professionals, professors, artists, and other wellness experts.

Beyond collective events, we take pride in inspiring one other type of experience, too: those that are personal. Through the products in our store, #dynamicpapers which we launch soon, or Spotify playlists, we hope you can sprinkle more mindfulness and curiosity into your life to get closer to yourself.

Lastly, we are a store in the traditional sense. Our store will contain a conscious range of products to be the gateway to a better you.

The first product we introduced is #rockwithcare – a wellness guasha inspired by TCM.

As a company, we are #cosmicpowered, meaning we move with the planets and take cues and guidance from the universe that is around us.

It’s also vital to mention that our wellness store is more than just physical products. We carefully market and promote each and every one of our products to get you to use, think and engage with them in a different way than you normally would. After all, we are all about an intuitive lifestyle and getting the senses engaged for divine experiences.

We are now live and excited to become better alongside you. As an organization, we are as dynamic as it can get; constantly evolving, changing and doing the best we know how.

And we can’t wait to watch you #getcurious and live a more #intituitivelifestyle with us.  

And we’d love to connect wherever you spend your time the most; Spotify, InstagramLinkedIn, Tik Tok or Facebook.  

ps: it is pronounced Grounded 'ten oh two.'

Written by: Selin Oguz