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Workshop > Get Curious: The Intuitive Art of Guasha & Scraping for Total Body Wellness

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Get ahead of aches and pains before they start... look better while you're at it.

Join us for a 1.5 hour workshop, where you'll transform your relationship with your body.  We will share the benefits of body tools like guasha and scrapers for preventative wellness.

Neeta Sharma, will guide you through gentle scraping motions to release fascia, increase circulation, deepen breath, relieve aches and pains, optimise lymphatic drainage, and even sculpt the face . You will discover how to use these tools intuitively to benefit your mind, body, and soul.

Grounded 1002's #rockwithcare guasha and #essentialelement body tool will be provided, giving you hands-on experience to leave you feeling empowered.

- Learn the history and evolution of body tools ; 
- Learn how to use different edges ;
- Learn how much pressure to apply where and when ;
- We will spend an hour using the tools across your entire body for a massage-like experience.
Our Focus:
- The Mind (we will work on the scull / face)
- The Body (we will get grounded through working on the feet and legs)
- The Soul (we will work on organ and emotional health by working on the abdomen area of the body)
This is a beginner workshop where we will only scrape the surface of how to connect the mind and body.  You will walk away with a toolkit of skills you can carry into your life everyday.

With more details provided upon booking, reserve your spot today and step into a new sense of well-being.  Dont miss this opportunity to care for yourself.

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

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Previous Workshop Dates:

Sunday June 4th at The Life Centre, Notting Hill


Workshop > Get Curious: The Intuitive Art of Guasha & Scraping for Total Body Wellness