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#009: 8 ways to use Palo Santo in the new energetic year

#009: 8 ways to use Palo Santo in the new energetic year
Emailed: March 21, 2023 
the astrological clock


The energetic new year begins today.

The astrological clock resets. We are back in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.



Message from our founder

We begin a new energetic year today, meaning the astrological clock resets. In the Northern hemisphere, the first signs of spring appear - a time when everything starts to wake up. Unlike the end of the calendar year, this seems like the ideal time to actually reset. Nature brings us more inspiration, we see/feel/sense energetic movement, and there is less busy-ness compared to January 1st.

Today, March 21st is also a new moon. With no moonlight visible to us, it is naturally a great time for reflection. Incorporating restorative practices such as yin yoga, stretching, or journaling could be a useful catalyst to reflect on what you would like the next quarter or even the next 12 months to look like. Why not couple the arrival of spring with this new moon to consciously become the best version of yourself?

Last Friday, at my mantra practice, our chanting leader ended the evening with the beautiful words 'all peace, all peace, all peace.' Such powerful high vibrational words - even when said out loud by one person. Try it out. These words sound perfect no matter what you are observing this month; Holi, Nowruz, Chunfen, Vernal Equinox, Spring Equinox, the new zodiac year, or something else.

Thanks for being a part of this little space I call Grounded 1002 and I wish you the best this Spring.

the lunar cycle
Today's new moon falls in the fire sign of Aries. You may feel especially reflective on Aries traits.
Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is seen as the trailblazer full of courage, enthusiasm, determination, and creativity. Don't forget to write down whatever comes to mind over the next 48 hours.
Thousands of years ago, the scientific properties of Palo Santo were unknown, but the healers and spiritual community intuitively used the smoke to cleanse 'negative energy', set intentions, find calm, deepen their connection to the earth, and enhance their spiritual connection.
Scientists are now rapidly discovering the therapeutic, medicinal, and practical uses of Palo Santo. The active properties of Palo Santo are being heavily used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural, and food industries because of the countless benefits they offer.
We've listed 8 ways you can use your #stixandstones Palo Santo according to the latest discoveries... which kind of mirror what the 'holy wood' has always been used for.


1. Use the smoke to move stagnant energy. 
Use the white smoke in hotel rooms or around of the home. We like to spread the smoke throughout the kitchen and front door way area every morning. Aromatherapy and energy movement.
 2. Create an inviting environment. 
The warming and uplifting effects of Palo Santo are said to come from the aromatic compounds of a-terpinol. Great to use before having guests. Many spas, yoga studios, and hotels incorporate the scent of Palo Santo into their spaces.
3. For Meditation. 
The combination of the active properties in #stixandstones Palo Santo produce a calming effect on the limbic system, a part of the brain responsible for emotion, motivation and memory. It has also been found that these properties oxygenate the brain, which helps to calm anxiety and lift depression.
4. Whenever you need a boost. 
The main active constituent in Palo Santo, d-limonene, has well-researched anti-inflammatory compounds that regulate the immune system and act as antioxidants. Another active compound, Carbone is known to alleviate stress and nervous tension.
5. As a travel companion. 
Simply smelling our high resin wood will release neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin while stimulating the release of endorphins and enkephalins, the body’s natural painkillers. Take a stick on a flight if you are a nervous flyer.
6. For outdoor use. 
We call #stixandstones Palo Santo an essential oil in stick format. There are so many uses including Palo Santo being a bug repellent – a bonus for outdoor use. 
7. To connect with nature. 
#stixandstones comes a variety of Palo Santo from three different forests in Peru and Ecuador. Page 22 of the booklet offers intel about each of these forests. It is really interesting to learn how the quality of soil and weather impact the smell of the sticks. Connect to these forests with each use. 
8. To Practice Mindfulness. 
To burn #stixandstones sustainably, only light the tip, similar to how a cigarette is lit. We recommend being paying attention to the flame, the wood, and the smoke through the entire process. A few seconds of mindfulness interacting with several elements is a powerful method of mindfulness.
For the bold new moon in Aries, we've selected a our Funky Rhythm Spotify playlist to represent the next two weeks. Richly coloured music inspired by funk. Soulful, groovy, and hypnotic, sounds to dream big with.