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#006: We're closing shop for 2 weeks but leave you with #foodforthought

palo santo stick

Emailed: January 31st, 2023

We are closing shop for 2 weeks.

We are out of office (OOO) from February 1st - 15th.
Though we wont be able to help with your orders during this time, to recieve gifts in time for Valentine Day, please order before THIS Thursday.
We just added a gift set on offer - Wellness that Works. It might be the perfect gift for your loved one.
lunar cycle

Before we go MIA, a heads up that, Sunday February 5th, the full moon falls in the sign of Leo, a sign which represents qualities such as courage, leadership, ambition, and strength. Once Leos set a goal, they pursue it with single-minded determination. They are seen as warm, dynamic, and passionate.

Do you naturally get in action mode related to these lion attributes around this time? #getcurious.


If Astrology isn't your thing, the Full Moon on February 5th also marks the Lantern Festival, which is the end of the Lunar (Chinese) New Year celebrations and the beginning of the new year for many across the world.

For the music lovers, it is also Grammy Award Day.. 65 years of awards! AND... for the Brits, it is National Yorkshire Pudding Day. Yum!

New arrival to our store for Valentines Day - a gift set.

burnt palo santo stick

Gift set: Wellness that Works

Whether you're treating yourself or a loved one this Valentine's Day, an upcoming special occasion, or simply to have special moments for yourself, our curated Palo Santo, #stixandstones with #rockwithcare guasha combo will do the trick.  

This combo gift set is the perfect way to bring wellness into your life.  Appreciate the pleasures of sustainable packaging with a luxurious unboxing experience.  You will be sure to feel the love and care that has been put into creating this set.

Not sure what to do with these goodies?  Dont worry, each product comes with some info on how to start.  The palo santo is used to move stagnant energy in your space and offers aromatherapy benefits. Our customers say #rockwithcare reduces feeling of stress, increases focus, makes them look better, and gets them in touch with themselves.  

Treat yourself or a loved one to this amazing combo and enjoy the benefits that these powerful tools bring.  Trust us - it's a hit. 

Pick up your Wellness that Works gift set now. 

playlist cover for Grammy Nominees playlist

Our latest playlist is "65th Grammy Nominees" - we've even included nominees that didnt make Spotify's playlist.

Not saying we love all the tracks... but 'streets define culture. Culture defines decades." It is good to hear what's going on in the popular world via sound.

65 years of awards presented by the Recording Academy of the United States to recognize "outstanding" achievements in the music industry - thank you!


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